• Born and raised in the unassuming town of DuBois, Pennslyvania, where my family attended Bethany Evangelical Covenant Church.
  • We lived in a house near the woods with a swing-set made by my father in back and a steep sloping driveway (excellent for sledding, treacherous for training wheels) out front.
  • I attended first Wasson Elementary School, until outcome-based-education became their dominating philosophy, and so I was then sent to First Baptist Church Academy for the remainder of my elementary years. FBCA was then using an unusual work-at-your-own-pace curriculum that relied heavily on the auto-didactic gifts of the students. My deficiencies in math and science began here.
  • For middle school, I switched to  Central Christian, the local parish school in DuBois. Here I discovered the mysteries of Catholic theology, came to appreciate the blandness of a uniform, and witnessed mass for the first time.
  • When I was thirteen our family left our rural Pennsylvanian life for the big midwestern city of St. Louis. It was really the perfect time to move to a bigger pond: our first few years in Missouri were largely spent in suburbia, but we’ve gradually moved closer to the city center.
  • My immediate family: Peter, Andy and his wife Abby with their daughter Rosemary, Dad, and Mom

  • Fellow St. Louisians will naturally want to know where I went to high school: Westminster Christian Academy. A thoroughly reformed non-denominational school, my best experiences here were singing with the touring choir, performing in the musicals, and, of course, meeting my best friend.
  • Best friends since 9th Grade!

  • A great deal of my time in these formative teen years was spent at Memorial Presbyterian Church where I met Anya and Liza and the rest of a wonderfully unique youth group.
  • I continued my education in life and the liberal arts at Hillsdale College, a small conservative haven in south-central Michigan, where I was introduced to a number of dear friends who have had a profound influence on me, including (but certainly not limited to, Amy, Allison, Eva, Sharon, and Dr. Birzer.
  • On the eve of my wedding, with Meg, Eva, Amy, Jamie, and Allison

  • (I also met my husband at Hillsdale, but neither of us paid the other much attention at the time–pity!)
  • After graduating with a B.A. in English literature, I moved out west to Colorado Springs and began teaching high school English classes at a conservative charter school called The Classical Academy. (It’s got a lot of good things going for it, but it is not, as it turns out, a classical school in the traditional sense of the word).
  • Not so very long ago, a fellow named Zachary Good (also a Hillsdale alum) moved to town to teach at The Vanguard School (that’s him in the middle with the beard), and just so happened to be in a classroom next to my then-roommate Jamie, who re-introduced us.
  • We swiftly and shamelessly fell in love, got engaged, and were married on June 26th 2010 at our lovely parish, St. Mary’s Cathedral. (I should probably mention that I converted to Catholicism along the way).
  • We’re expecting our first child—a little boy!—near the end of March!
  • Zach and I are both still teaching, though I have moved over to TCA’s College Pathways program this year, which allows me a little more free time to nap and nest.

2 responses to “Biography

  1. Janet Schamp

    If you want pictures for this page, let me know. I can scan and send from your photo albums. Assuming you can’t have a biography without at least one baby picture.

  2. melpomene7

    Hurrah! I didn’t know that you converted to Catholicism! You make me happy.
    Love, Therese

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