What Are You Searching For?

One of my favorite features of WordPress is the statistics page. There, in neatly ordered charts, graphs, and lists, you can discover fun facts such as how popular you are (or aren’t) in the internet community, which posts get the most hits (you’d be surprised), and who comments most frequently on your blog (my mother.) (Thanks, Mom.) But my favorite part of statistics is that you can see what phrases people searched for that led them to your blog.

Some of the best:

– “something nice to say to a pregnancy”

– urukhai with baby

– what is the american childhood annie dillard all about

– csap proctor boredom

– stumped face

– patron de strapless (what?)

– “extreme parenting to the max”

– janet schamp (my mother)

– catholics and lilacs

– Jumpsuit strapless shorts

– I can count my friends on just one hand

– can a newborns arms go over their heads?

And, my favorite, winning hands down with 69 hits

– “Grossed Out Face”

So, what do you think? Did they find what they were looking for?



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3 responses to “What Are You Searching For?

  1. Janet Schamp

    I had to go to your blog, search for “grossed out face” to see what that was all about. Got another laugh out of that post. Whatever happened to the rash on your hand? That was last May!
    I belong to several WordPress blogs, including the deaconess mercy ministry blog from my church, and there’s lots of activity on that, which explains the search for my name.
    Urukhai? Aren’t those the nasty mutant gobins in Lord of the Rings?

  2. Amy

    Ok, my favorite is “jumpsuit strapless shorts”. What does that even mean?! If it’s literal, that’s a rather frightening outfit, suitable only for todays 18-year-olds who have just left the shelter and reason of their parents.

  3. Terpsichore

    Umm, I definitely love “urukhai with baby.” Maybe they were seeking a picture of a young uruk-hai? No idea.

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