I feel like life consists of constantly shifting objects from one place to another.

Pick up a plate, and put it on the table. Pick it up again,  and put it in the sink.

Pick up a toy, and put it in front of the baby. Pick it up again, and rinse it off. Put it back in front of the baby.

Pick up the sweater, put it in the closet. Pick up the socks, put them in the laundry. Move the laundry upstairs, take other laundry downstairs.

Pick up the stack of tests, place it in fifteen different places before actually grading one.

I can’t bear to tidy up any more. I can’t bear to live in a mess. I can’t win.

Is this one of those deeply spiritual quotidian mysteries? Is it a metaphor for the endless conversion of our souls?

Will someone please pick ME up?



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5 responses to “Unprofundity

  1. Hey baby, blog here often?
    What’s a nice girl like you doing on a blog like this?
    How you doin’…

    I’m out. Guess I’m not so good at the pick-up thing.

  2. That’s wasn’t….I didn’t mean…well, actually, that kinda helped! 🙂

  3. Janet Schamp

    You need a Muppets Record to listen to. When you were little we cleaned up to the Sesame Street songs, such as (Bert:) “La la la la linoleum. La la la light bulb, la la la la lemon, la la la la lump in my oatmeal.”
    (Ernie:) “No, Bert, listen to me: la la la la laughter, la la la la lullaby, la la la lights in the sky” etc.

    Guaranteed to fill your mind with silly thoughts, which are better than the ones you are currently, but very understandably, having. Not a permanent fix, but a potential boost.

    Love you from afar, and looking forward to our visit coming up soon.

  4. Janet Schamp

    By the way, if you can use the word quotidian, you don’t have to worry about the mind-numbing affect of being an at-home mom.
    Or should that be “effect”? You’re the English teacher, you tell me.

  5. EFFECT! EEEEffect!
    A is for ACTION: affect is a verb. Effect is a noun.

    But thank you for your kind sentiments all the same 🙂 I will be humming that all afternoon…

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