Remember That Thing I Mentioned?

(No, Lauryn, not THAT thing!)

Like I mentioned earlier, we’re going to Michigan this weekend and staying until the first week of August.

“Why,” you may well wonder, “why would anyone leave Colorado during the summer? It’s the only state in the country that is sunny and beautiful without being too hot or humid or expensive (yeah, I’m talking to YOU, California)!”

You have a point. But my dear, Irish-skinned husband prefers the shade in the summer—something Colorado doesn’t have a lot of. And spending a couple of years in this dry western climate has left us parched: we’re thirsting for lakes and dew and sweet summer rain. So we’re heading up to Sunset Shores, a quiet little lake-side resort owned and operated by Zach’s stepmom. We plan to earn our keep with gardening and yard work and other odd jobs while getting our fix of swimming and canoeing on the side.

Along the way, we’ll impose our company on family and friends, trading baby smiles for lodging. (If you’re along the southern route—Colorado, Kansas, Missouri/St. Louis—and haven’t smelled a baby head in a while, let me know! We’ll let you sniff Sam gratis.) Once in Michigan, we hope to take day trips to friends in Grand Rapids and, yes, Hillsdale.  By all indications, it’s going to be a fabulous summer.

We’re leaving in a day or two, so you can imagine why I haven’t been writing much lately. The past week has been filled with farewell get-togethers, along with a birthday celebration or two for Zach, and final baby check ups for Sam. (Latest: he’s completely off oxygen! Yay! But yesterday he got his first round of shots: boo!)

So as soon as I stop procrastinating here, I’ll tackle the rather daunting task of packing two months worth of clothes for an infant that outgrows his wardrobe every four weeks.  But I wanted to let you know what was up.

If you’re looking for a quiet, low-key summer getaway, give Sunset Shores a call! There a still a couple of openings during the summer season and we’d love to see you. It’s a wonderful place for families with small children: there’s a nice beach front with a roped off swimming area, and paddle boats for everyone.

Happy Summer!



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6 responses to “Remember That Thing I Mentioned?

  1. Trinity

    If you’d like to visit when you’re in Grand Rapids, I’d love to see you all!


  2. Erika

    sounds wonderful! Have a great time.

  3. Nata

    Have a wonderful time in Michigan. I just finished my grades on Tuesday, checked out of school and finally feel like my summer has started. Although, I do think I need a week of sleep, naps, etc. I have been wanting to visit you and see little Sam, but it looks like you won’t have any time. 😦 BTW-Glen and I are trying to get out to Michigan for Jeff Duba’s wedding. The ceremony will be in Grand Rapids with the reception in Muskegon on Aug. 20. I’m assuming that you will probably be back in the Springs by then. We don’t quite know where to stay? I looked up Sunset Shores, but it seems too far away. Any suggestions of where to stay (for cheap) would be great. Hoping that Cathryn can also come with us. Wishing you and your family a lovely, relaxing, beautiful time together. 🙂 Love, Nata

  4. Congratulations on finishing the year, Nata! Doesn’t it feel wonderful??

    We’ll be back in Colorado by the time you head to Michigan—sounds like a fabulous trip! I don’t know of any good places to stay in Muskegon, but I’ll ask around!

    Let’s try to get together next time we’re in the same state at the same time 🙂

  5. Lisa McGraw

    Hopefully we will be able to start a lifelong love of the Tigers for Sam this summer…you’re always welcome in GP

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