Things That Should Be Easy, But Are Actually Not

For Babies:

1)  Sucking on a pacifier: somehow, the darned thing never manages to stay where it should. Perhaps Sam sucks too aggressively, or perhaps gravity interferes yet again. Or maybe the problem is related to #2

2) Not punching himself in the face: we’re really looking forward to the day when Sam realizes that his hands are his hands and he can control their movements

3) Discerning the difference between the real source of milk and impostors: Sam is a determined little fellow and will spend upwards of five minutes trying to procure dinner from his fists or shirt sleeves before acknowledging his mistake.

4) Pooping: You’d think it would come naturally, considering how many diapers he fills, but the process is always accompanied by a red face and sounds of pain and distress

For Moms:

1) Remembering stuff: it’s not just that I forget where I put my keys—I also forget important events from the recent past (no, we don’t need to schedule the break repair: we got the brakes fixed LAST week) and tasks to be done in the present. Making a list helps a little, but I often forget to look at the list

2) Finishing the laundry: I can never seem to get one load folded and put away before the basket is filling up with more dirty clothes.

3) Looking presentable: Seriously–nothing fits. My maternity pants are drooping and my regular pants refuse to adapt to my new hip configuration. Maternity shirts hide the remainder of the belly, but I am so tired of the maternity clothes! Is it acceptable to wear sweatshirts for the next 3 months?

4) Putting the baby down: We get a lot of quality bonding time as it is, but I still have trouble setting Sam down in his cradle or his little chair while I do other things. He likes being held and I like holding him…that’s okay, right?



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2 responses to “Things That Should Be Easy, But Are Actually Not

  1. You’re lucky Sam lets you put him down. Ransom, honest to goodness, would not let us put him down for the first two weeks, and was ornery about it for the next several months.

    But now I do find myself holding him just to hold him, especially since I still work outside of the house and miss him while I’m gone.

  2. Rebekah

    Great lists! Number 3 (For Babies) reminds me of Daniel as a newborn. His reflexes cracked me up. He didn’t really suck on his fists, but everytime he brushed his cheek–with his own hand!–he smacked his lips and turned his head. I too had trouble putting him down. It’s so wonderful to be able to hold them–I’m so glad you enjoy it!

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