Patience is a Virtue… just not one of mine

This is not due to a personality flaw or a natural moral weakness: I have intentionally avoided this specific fruit of the Spirit for most of my life.

“Never pray for patience,” my father cautioned me, “because there’s only one way God gives it.” That way, of course, is to put you into situations that try your patience until you grow some. Even as a child, this bit of spiritual wisdom made plenty of sense to me, all intended humor or irony aside, and I’ve generally followed his advice. (My father also taught me to save twenty percent of my income and budget at least four hundred dollars a month: I’m not sure why it was the facetious counsel that stuck. Sorry, Dad.)

Now I find myself in the uncomfortable position of being 5 days past my Doctor-Declared Due Date, with 5 more days to go until my NFP-Determined Due Date. If I was right all along, then this baby is doing just fine. If my doctor was right, he’s almost a week late. (But my thinking on the matter is that if the doctor had been correct, I would have a son right now instead of a watermelon-belly.) Either way, the IDEA of being due on the 15th sunk in a little farther than I should have let it and I find myself feeling strangely discontent…or, I suppose you could say impatient.

But don’t you dare start praying for patience now! I don’t want to be waiting until April, you know. In the meantime, though, all manner of distractions are welcome. My husband and I have kept our whole spring break free to accommodate this child: how shall we spend our final days of youth and freedom?



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3 responses to “Patience is a Virtue… just not one of mine

  1. Janet Schamp

    Your text “pray that the baby comes soon; don’t pray for patience!” came at the very beginning of your baby shower. I read it out loud and it got a good hearty laugh. We did pray for you. And for the baby. And for Zach. The prayers for you all were so beautiful and heartfelt that I think you must have felt it. No dumb shower games; just scripture and prayer. (and the gifts, but you must be patient because you won’t get them until we come on Wednesday).

  2. Hannah

    Go see a movie. Go lots of places that make you wonder, “What if my water breaks here?” It’s an exciting game. Just make sure you don’t end up too far from home… or the hospital.

    As a side note, praying for patience isn’t really so bad. You should really give it a try. “You do not have because you do not ask.” He’ll give you the grace to get through whatever long wait it takes. And of course you have to remember, baby will come one way or another within the next (fill in amount of time). You will have this baby.

    Okay, now please tell that to me next time I’m pregnant. My nesting/birthing instincts are a little insane… must do this NOW. Must must must.

  3. Rebekah

    I like your dad’s advice; I wish I had realized sooner that’s how you get patience. I have sometimes prayed for patience thinking that God would sort of zap me with it or something. Later I find I have been growing in patience all along, without realizing it.

    I thought I was a patient person until I had kids. I find God sometimes gives the motivation for something at the same time as the chance to learn it. So do not despair of yourself, if you do not desire every virtue all at once right now. 🙂

    God bless you, Laurel, I pray for you nearly every day.

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