Baby Steps

We’re getting closer, I know, but some days it seems like the baby will NEVER come.  I’ll just go on expanding, infinitely, until my walk becomes a waddle and my waddle dwindles into a shuffle and I eventually end up in one of those motorized wheelchairs in the grocery store, filling my basket with Greek yogurt and diapers and peanut butter cup ice cream. And this little creature inside of me will just keep kicking and stretching and punching my bladder as often as he pleases, content to remain in his comfortable womb, deciding that the whole journey through the birth canal thing is probably overrated.

But, even though every day feels like an exceptionally long day, I have to remember that we’re getting closer.

Here are a few little baby steps that Zach and I have made this week:

  • Packed up a hospital bag and stowed it in the back of our freshly cleaned car
  • Installed the car seat so that the hospital will let us take the baby home when the time comes
  • Completed an enormous chunk of lesson plans for my maternity sub
  • Finished our birthing classes at PrepforBirth
  • Washed all the new little clothes and blankets we received at my work shower last weekend.

See? We’re more ready than we’ve ever been. And the baby will come. He will. Eventually.

According to Zach’s “What To Expect” iPhone app, our son is currently about the size of a watermelon, give or take a few ounces. Think about that.


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One response to “Baby Steps

  1. That’s a scary sounding sort of iPhone app. If it took ultrasounds, however, I’d be hooked.

    This is the worst part (eh, I felt like most of it was the worst part, but yeah), because you feel so big and yukky and baby is just hanging out apparently oblivious to your obvious discomfort.

    But soon! You’ll have a baby! And feel all wobbly and light!

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