Weekend Snap Shots

It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon here in Colorado Springs–much too nice to consider writing all those lesson plans I’ve got to finish before taking maternity leave. So, instead of drafting a plan for how to make Cyrano de Bergerac appealing to 7th graders, I’ve put together a little weekend update for you!

What I’ve Been Reading:

Annie Dillard’s memoir An American Childhood:

I love Annie Dillard’s work, but have found most of it a little too strong for leisure reading during pregnancy. (For the Time Being, for example, includes too many speculations about unusual birth defects to be good for an expectant mother.) But this fluid re-creation of her childhood mind is both pleasing and intriguing. Dillard is perhaps the most observant writer I know, and these stories from her childhood in high-society Pittsburgh (of all places) shows how she honed her natural curiosity into keep powers of observation through collecting rocks, biking all over the city, and taking ball room dance lessons.

What I’ve Been Cooking:

I appreciated the wonderful recipe suggestions you all sent. I’d love to give you a little glimpse of how Anna’s Hearty Potato Soup turned out, but WP isn’t letting me upload those photos. (Sorry, Anna).

On Friday night, though, I make my best “fast food” imitation with some oven baked sweet potato fries and chicken fingers—so much healthier if you do it yourself!

Sweet Potato Fries: except not fried

What I’ve Been Growing:

Our little boy is looking more and more like a person all the time, at least, according to this in-utero illustration. (Why no belly pictures, you wonder? Because I get tired of asking my husband to take photos of my stomach.) Depending on who you ask (me or my doctor) I’m at either 34 or 36 weeks right now. Zach has affirmed that I have NOT begun to waddle yet.

He looks almost ready to come out, doesn't he? Only six more weeks or so!

What I’ve Been Researching:

Our friends Keith and Megan (who just had a little boy of their own THIS MORNING!! Congrats, guys!) have encouraged us in our search for the perfect cloth diaper. After consulting a few other experts (read: moms), we decided to register for a set of Fuzzibunz One-Size diapers. These things are adorable AND adjustable, so they should last from 4 weeks – potty training for multiple children. I know that committing to cloth diapers means high start up costs and a lot of laundry, but they really make diapers more affordable in the long run. Oh, AND they’re good for the environment.

The Fuzzibunz One-Size in Tootie Frootie. Very masculine, no?

What I’ve Been Buying:

You may remember a little brouhaha from a while back involving some car problems and a wiley mechanic. Well, I’m happy to report that we’ve received a decent chunk of cash back, and have finally moved forward with buying a newer car. Meet the Kia Optima 2007:

I've never owned a red car before. Or even a car! Three cheers for downsizing!

It’s currently parked on the street, where Zach and I fully expect it will be hit by an uninsured drunk driver before we have a chance to complete the payment/insurance process with the bank tomorrow. Nevertheless, we are grateful to have found a good deal and grateful to be done with car shopping!

What I’ve Been Neglecting:

  • Working on our wedding album, which I vowed to complete before the baby gets here.
  • Working on lesson plans, which I am legally obligated to complete before the baby gets here
  • Sleeping well: apparently, the baby wants to condition me to wake every two or three hours so I’m all chipper for night time feedings when he arrives.
  • Blogging. I know, okay? I know.
  • My toe nails: a pedicure is in order. Not because I’m self-indulgent, but because I can’t easily reach my feet.


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3 responses to “Weekend Snap Shots

  1. Janet

    Nice car. Great color. Glad you finally got it. I can help with the wedding album if the baby is late and we’re waiting around for it to show up! We should talk to you about when to come out. We’re going to drive, did we tell you that?

  2. Eva

    Congrats on the red car! And you’ve inspired me to read more Annie Dillard!

  3. Erika

    Laurel, I love reading your blog from time to time. Maybe it’s cause I can reminisce about the pregnancy joys and woes! Love that you are looking into cloth diapers. A great place here in the springs is Baby Cotton Bottoms. A mom runs the company from her home – she lives in Old Colorado City. They have all sorts of brands and supplies. I got all of ours from there. http://www.babycottonbottoms.com.

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