Brevity is…Wit


Well, the motel next door finally wised up to our less-than-neighborly “sharing” and encrypted their wi-fi network, leaving Zach and I utterly bereft of internet access at home. On one hand, I welcome the change: we’re both prone to frittering away hours online and without the option available, we’ll be forced to entertain ourselves or even do real things. (Exhibit A: After school today, I actually cleaned the stove top instead of scrolling through my Google-reader. Amazing.)

On the other hand, I do have to use the internet for a significant amount of work, not to mention for the upkeep of this already-neglected blog! And it’s very useful for online banking, as well as finding deals on craigslist. And finding possible cars to buy. And chatting with my friends. And checking for snow delays…Oh, let’s face it: I’m dependent!  We’ll figure out a reasonable solution eventually, but in the meantime, please attribute the less-frequent postings to the less-frequent internet access.

In a few moments, I’ve got to go pick up my crazy-fabulous husband, who is starting the infamous P90X work out with his crazy friends. But before I leave you, here’s a brief, bullet-pointed update recent events:

  • Realized that used car salesmen really DO resemble weasels in an unfortunate way (as opposed to an Annie Dillard-esque way)
  • Located a couple of potential cars: one sedan and one minivan—the verdict is still out.
  • Bought a decent stroller and car seat for a decent price on CL: the baby will soon own more cubic feet of stuff than Zach and I put together
  • Sold a number of our duplicate books to Poor Richard’s and donated the rest to the public library: decided that we definitely preferred the cash to the feeling of altruism.
  • Watched Two Towers and Return of the King, extended versions
  • Wept, as I always do, at Sam’s lines “”I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!
  • Scheduled a second ultrasound after much dragging of feet: we’re going to be paying the deductible anyway and…well…I kind of want to see the little guy again.
  • Managed to get a group of eighth graders excited about reading The Pilgrim’s Progress: I am a true professional.
  • Ate a whole bag of carrots in less than three days.

Exciting? Not really. But then, the truth often isn’t.

Weep with me:



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3 responses to “Brevity is…Wit

  1. My roommates and I borrowed internet from some anonymous neighbor for the whole last year. It was infuriatingly intermittent, meaning I spent a lot of time in coffeeshops working online for real, and a lot of time at home in a book. Now I live in an apartment with paid internet connection and am horrified at how much worthlessness I find to distract me online. Luckily, some internet stuff is worthwhile – like this blog! ❤

  2. I think part of me must believe that wireless internet access is categorized along with other basic human rights: paying for it feels like paying for access to oxygen.

    I realize that this is both unhealthy and inaccurate, but the feeling persists, nevertheless…

  3. Peter

    just wait… now that comcast has merged with NBC, rumors have begun to circulate that access to the internet (specifically, bandwidth and speed) will become analogous to the treacherous system that is cable tv. In other words, the more you use of it, the more you’ll have to pay (like cell phone data plans) and sites like Netflix, which may pose a threat to a competing company like comcast, would be blocked or significantly increased in price…. just some musings of a technologically-literate and knowledgeable friend.

    also, I’m going to do the brotherly thing and speak the voice of reason into your life: No mini-vans.


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